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Appcino’s GURU: First ever intelligent personal assistant on Appian. GURU (गुरु) translates to a teacher or mentor, who can guide you with knowledge in a field of study. Similar to that in Appian, GURU is your intelligent friend who is powered by Appian’s native capabilities, organization’s key business data and machine learning to help you in your work-related activities by enabling you to better understand contextually on what you are working on by displaying data aggregation, analysis and give you real-time suggestions.
Appcino’s CRM Sales: Enables organizations to intelligently manage the entire sales cycle from lead generation to winning opportunities. It helps you configure your sales process according to your business needs and seamlessly allows you to manage all your business contacts and communications with them ultimately enabling your sales force to plan effective sales strategies and execute them
Vendor On-boarding: An Appian application to on-board new vendors in for the client following a step-by-step process. Vendor management can assign them tests, do rate approvals, create adjustments, define and utilize services of vendors across various industries. This app also manages the existing vendors. The vendors can log into the workzone app to complete their day-to-day tasks assigned to them by translation leads for doing translation and review of content in more than 286 languages.
Job Tracking: An Appian application to create, manage, task, audit and complete translation & review jobs in helix system. The jobs can be created and worked upon via various legacy systems of the client which seamlessly integrate at each step of the workflow.
Corporate Customer On-boarding & KYC: Appian application to facilitate end-to-end corporate customer on-boarding journey which seamlessly integrates with the core banking system and handles the on-boarding questionnaire using an extensible and flexible data model aligned with universal HSBC standards to reduce complexity and unlock the value of data.
Creative Communications: An Appian Application for Creative team where project starts form entering the Creative Brief (Requirements), identifying the resources, deliverable and timeline for each deliverable, to the actual execution and management of those deliverable and finally to stakeholders approval for the deliverable and complete project as a whole. This helps the creative team to collaborate and work on their business projects together by defining projects, deliverable and their timelines. Seamlessly manage tasks with a well-defined approval cycle with a feature to ask for changes in the completed job.

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