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Kunal has built the HSBC greenstar release management team from scratch. This team made a major release in Jan’22. This is the first implmentation of the New Customer On boarding platform (Appian) with integrated Customer User Interface (Smartserve), fully integrated into Core Banking (OBS) and customer due diligence systems. The foundation release was quite complex & was delivered in an iterative fashion. The team achieved a phenomenal release cadence of 2 releases per week!!!

Kunal is recognized with Collbrator award in the category of teamwork during INSPIRE awards at Coforge in Q1 2022



·   Strong Appian Technical skills both at application level and architectural level. He doesn’t shy away from coding if needed which is not something which architect is usually doing – this is a huge positive trait.

·   Organised and on top of task lists/issue tracking

·   Strong communications both in meetings and via email

·   Excellent team player, collaborates effectively including cross-region and very easy to work. Shared knowledge willingly which is fantastic.

·   Focused on achievement of desired outcomes including IT/project milestones and critical issue resolution 

Examples I have witnessed of values-aligned behaviours

·   Dependable and do the right thing (Take personal accountability, be decisive, use judgment and common sense, empower others) – Kunal has often taken personal accountability with tasks in hand to drive through resolution, for example train 4 code had a massive impact on the performance of the system, Kunal has created many design evaluations which has resulted in significant improvement in the performance of the system, working closely with developers.

·   Connected to business, IT colleagues and each other (Build connections, be externally focused, collaborate across boundaries) – Kunal has built strong connections and collaborates effectively  with the teams in India,china , UK and Poland.

·   Self-learning – I have found Kunal to put in that extra effort to learn new things, push himself to take certificates in Appian , blog etc.


Overall, I am happy that I got an opportunity to work with Kunal and it’s an absolute pleasure.


Kunal is one of the more versatile developer I have dealt with. He has a great passion and attention to detail when comes toa desing and implementation. I can highly recommend him for any challenging project.


I’ve worked with Kunal on the SDL Helix programme. Our main touch points were production issues, which he managed, triaged and fixed – or distributed the work to colleagues. Kunal is a highly skilled, extremely committed and hard working team player who is not afraid to ask questions or question and improve existing processes. He’s very customer-focused and efficient, and keeps being focused and professional, even in more stressful situations. I’m delighted to work with him and would recommend it to anyone looking for a passionate, hands-on and resilient employee.


Kunal is very passionate and has great vision for his work. His focus keeps everything moving smoothly, he makes sure all the deadlines are met, and makes sure that whatever project he is working on meets the highest standards. He is a valuable asset to the team. Working with Kunal is a signature of success.

Ankit Kumar Agarwal (Appian ARCHITECT)

Kunal is a proactive, result oriented, responsible and technically sound Appian expert. His exceptional inter-personal and communication skills puts cherry to the top and thereby make him a true lead-consultant for any domain! His protectiveness and continuous zeal to learn and improve gives him the edge that is required to shine and out-stand. Besides that, Kunal with his unwavering confidence is a kind of assurance to provide the best solutions to problems at workplace even when there were few options to employ, indeed he is a shoulder to lean on. I hereby highly recommend him to the next institutions for Appian consultancy. Keep doing great buddy!

Parth Gupta (Appian TECH LEAD)

I received Appian training from Kunal and want to greatly recommend his training to anyone who wants to explore the BPM world and looking to kick-start their career in the Appian BPM industry. Kunal is a perfect blend of technical and management skills. He mentored the complete training batch with great details and always made sure that everyone learned the concepts well by providing great working sessions with real-life use cases. He has always clarified and answered all big/small questions asked by the trainees and made all of us comfortable throughout the training. It was an absolute pleasure attending his training and I had a solid foundational platform and good confidence after completing his training. He will be a great asset to any organization that he works for.

Khushboo Agarwal

Person like Kunal is very rare talent.I was particularly impressed with Kunal’s ability in the way of working in a project, supporting the client and showing interest in extra curricular activities like developing a innovative product for a hackathon which happens once in a year. Keep doing your good work and so far I don’t find any negatives in you…

Melwyn Abraham

I have worked with Kunal in a UK based Appian project. He worked as a Lead Designer and has shown extraordinary skills in understanding application end to end. He is extremely committed and hard working and has demonstrated the expertise on the Appian that he has and great knowledge he possesses. He is very strong in his understanding of the business and technology requirements of his clients and is a great team player with good leadership skill. He remains focused on his customer centric approach and can handle high stress situations. He is a self driven person & motivates the team working along with him. He is keen to take up any new task with confidence and is very hard working and very confident to interact with Business Team and ensures the deliverable are of high quality. I am very happy to work with him and would recommend him.

Niraj Dravid

I have worked with Kunal when I was training me for an Appian project. He is a true professional who puts the needs of his students first. I value his positive approach and energy. He possesses a rare, unrelenting willingness to learn and master his craft. Once a strong foundation is built, Kunal promotes progression in all aspects with attention to detail and enthusiastic encouragement. His knowledge base is impressive in breadth and depth. I have found his approach to training refreshing and reassuring. His supportive yet insistent manner makes the good work you do all the more enjoyable. Keep up the good work and thank you!

Khondoker Mujtaba

Kunal is one of the highly motivated and energetic engineers I had the opportunity to work with. He was mentoring me throughout the project which I worked on and is a very sharp engineer who has a sound domain knowledge. His communication is an added advantage to his solid technical skills which can also pave a way to be a tutor in mere future

Siddharth Thigarajan

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