About Me

Intelligent Automation Expert – Appian BPM, Robotic Process Automation & Cloud Computing

Hi, my name is Kunal Sharda

I am an Appian practitioner since past 5 years and have served various large enterprises like Alliance Data Card Services, SDL & HSBC bank etc. leading the design & development of their intelligent automation projects on Appian platform.

I really like to create complex multi-tier systems including architectural design, implementation and performance optimization. Whatever project I am taking part in, I do my best to apply modern agile practices to maximize the value produced by the team.

Passion about problem solving is what got me into code, being able to come up with creative solutions is what makes me stay.

I enjoy learning as much as I enjoy teaching, I think both are equally fulfilling activities to me, and when I look for a job, continuous learning is a priority.

What I Do

Appian BPM Consultation
RPA Consultation
Technical Training
Public/Webinar Speaking

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