• Achieve Expertise In Any Skillset
    In the book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell studied the “outliers” — i.e. the most successful people of the world, including sportsmen, business people, musicians and scientists, to understand the key factors behind their success. He found the key denominator to all their success isn’t natural aptitude as many like to believe. Having a high […]
  • Improving MySQL Database Performance
    Introduction MySQL is a popular open-source database application that stores and structures data in a way that is meaningful and readily accessible. With large applications, the sheer amount of data can lead to performance problems. This guide provides several tuning tips on how to improve the performance of a MySQL database. Prerequisites A Linux system with […]
  • Appian Certification Program
    Since May 2021 Appian has changed all certifications to be on the new certified developer format which is an all-new way of writing your Appian exams. They have chosen examity as a vendor to facilitate examinations online & to maintain the integrity of the exam by conducting it in a proctored environment. That means there […]
  • WhiteHat Jr. Scam
    The Covid-19 pandemic induced mass closure of education institutions started a golden era for ed-tech startups worldwide by forcing students to learn from home. With venture capitalists eager to bet their money on the sector, ed-tech startups are undeniably on a roll. As WhiteHat Jr was acquired by Byju’s for $300 million, the ed-tech startup […]
  • CES 2021: Best Reveals
    This year’s CES (consumer Electronics Show) isn’t in Las Vegas. The show was moved online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. But even a global health emergency can’t stop the march of consumer technology. There are still plenty of gadgets, apps, electric vehicles, smart-home appliances, brain-training headsets, and Alexa-powered workout gear to tell you about. […]
  • Burnout in Software Development
    We often spend our time complaining about how screwed up software development is and how other programmers didn’t know what they were doing and how managers piss us off. I want to share with you how I think many of us lose hope as software developers and why there is hope out there for you. […]
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
    Imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to see their own accomplishments, dismissing them as luck, timing, or as a result of deceiving others into thinking they are more intelligent and competent than they believe themselves to be. Whether you’ve just begun your journey to learn how to code or you’ve been […]
  • Building a Second Brain
    This article by Tiago Forte got me curious Here’s how he describes it: How many brilliant ideas have you had and forgotten? How many insights have you failed to take action on? How much useful advice have you slowly forgotten as the years have passed? We feel a constant pressure to be learning, improving ourselves, and […]
  • Oracle Cloud: Architect Path
    Oracle’s Gen2 Infrastructure Cloud as a Service scores high on parameters like cost effectiveness, reliability, security & high performance with low-cost choice of variety of virtual compute shapes, dedicated bare metal, autonomous database, Oracle real application cluster (RAC) that can be consumed as a service, Exadata engineered machines for superior performance of mission critical workloads. […]
  • Being Comfortable With Estimation
    Let’s talk about how you can prevent estimating software tasks that you feel uncomfortable about. By the end of this article I hope to give you some tips that will help you be a little bit more successful when you’re put into this situation. It’s really common in software industry and usually it is just […]
  • Acing Your PSM 1 Assessment
    A guideline on how to prepare & pass your professional scrum master I examination from scrum.org Introduction & Motivation Scrum is lightweight, simple to understand, and difficult to master Taking a certification without knowing what you’re going to face is like going to a war without knowing what weapon should you bring. To make sure […]
  • RPA: What you need to know
    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an important component of the ‘Future of Work’ toolkit. Many large organizations have big teams working on RPA even as many others are waiting for others to realize benefits before they jump in. This is precisely what happens when a disruptive technology comes to the fore. Risk averse organizations wait […]
  • Advice For New Developers
    Making mistakes is part of the learning path to greatness. Failing quickly and often is a hallmark of success. And aiming to avoid making the same mistake more than once should be somewhere high on your priority list. Yes, personal experience is the most powerful way to learn but the knowledge acquired through others’ experiences […]
  • Adopting Remote Work
    Companies who don’t have a remote strategy won’t be competitive by 2030 Remote work is already everywhere. The smartest people I know all plan to work remotely this decade, while the most interesting startups I have discovered are all offering remote work. At the same time, there is a massive supply and demand problem. Far […]
  • Low-code: Build at the speed of ideas
    What Is Low-Code? Low-code allows you to transform ideas into innovation fast. There’s no need to code an application line-by-line and write big blocks of code for everything. With low-code, you draw it — just like a flowchart. Create & Deliver Enterprise-grade Applications at unbelievable speed This efficient process: Makes creating new applications quick and […]
  • Hello Blogging World 🙂
    Kunal Sharda, A resident of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Started his journey as a low-code developer in 2016 working on the Appian BPM platform. He’s an engineering graduate from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal in Information & Communication Technology specialization. Postgraduate in MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai in Information Technology & Systems Management. When he’s not coding or […]

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