Being Comfortable With Estimation

Let’s talk about how you can prevent estimating software tasks that you feel uncomfortable about. By the end of this article I hope to give you some tips that will help you be a little bit more successful when you’re put into this situation. It’s really common in software industry and usually it is just […]

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Advice For New Developers

Making mistakes is part of the learning path to greatness. Failing quickly and often is a hallmark of success. And aiming to avoid making the same mistake more than once should be somewhere high on your priority list. Yes, personal experience is the most powerful way to learn but the knowledge acquired through others’ experiences […]

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Low-code: Build at the speed of ideas

What Is Low-Code? Low-code allows you to transform ideas into innovation fast. There’s no need to code an application line-by-line and write big blocks of code for everything. With low-code, you draw it — just like a flowchart. Create & Deliver Enterprise-grade Applications at unbelievable speed This efficient process: Makes creating new applications quick and […]

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