Building a Second Brain

This article by Tiago Forte got me curious Here’s how he describes it: How many brilliant ideas have you had and forgotten? How many insights have you failed to take action on? How much useful advice have you slowly forgotten as the years have passed? We feel a constant pressure to be learning, improving ourselves, and […]

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Advice For New Developers

Making mistakes is part of the learning path to greatness. Failing quickly and often is a hallmark of success. And aiming to avoid making the same mistake more than once should be somewhere high on your priority list. Yes, personal experience is the most powerful way to learn but the knowledge acquired through others’ experiences […]

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Adopting Remote Work

Companies who don’t have a remote strategy won’t be competitive by 2030 Remote work is already everywhere. The smartest people I know all plan to work remotely this decade, while the most interesting startups I have discovered are all offering remote work. At the same time, there is a massive supply and demand problem. Far […]

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